The DGI - A History of Education

The German Association of Oral Implantology (DGI) is the largest professional oral implantology association in ­Europe and has been organizing high-quality continuing education courses for over 16 years. The goal of our association is to set the gold standard in continuing education in oral implantology.


A growing number of dental professionals have have included endosseous implants in their catalogue of treatments. At the same time, instruction in implant dentistry at universities has not kept pace. For this reason the knowledge and training dentists require to ­remain at the forefront of their field must be provided by continuing education and conferences. The DGI has been offering oral implantology as a postgraduate course since 1998, and completion of this course has now become a requirement for being awarded the status of “board certified member of the DGI”.


The success of our programms is derived from the professional quality of the teaching which is subject to continual improvement, combined with the opportunity for participants to gain practical experience in training centres at universities and in private practices.


International Curricula

More than 5,000 practitioners have successfully completed our courses and say themselves that they have derived considerable benefit from them.

However, the DGI does not offer international courses in other countries at present. Only the Implantology Curriculum in Germany and in German language is  bookable.


International Master Studies

As the first postgraduate in-service course of its kind in Germany, the DGI's  master's study program is now   complemented by an international master's program, based on the DGI's cooperation with the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.


Hundreds of practitioners attend our training courses for advanced implantologists and benefit from the knowledge of our renowned experts.



Conferences and Congresses

DGI's upcoming congress 2022 will be held as hybrid-conference (german language only) from November 24-26 2022 in Hamburg, Germany.

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