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With more than 8,500 members the German Association of Oral Implantology (DGI) is the largest professional oral implantology association in ­Europe. The close cooperation between scientists and practitioners generates knowledge and expertise. Our members support our strategy to harness the progress in implantology for the benefits of our patients.

Risks. Failures. Gifts of learning. 

Risks. Failures. Gifts of learning. The German Association of Oral Implantology addresses a new perspective on risks, errors and failures.

 DGI's annual congress 2024 will be held from 28 to 30 November 2024 in Dresden (in German language).


Surgical intervention or prosthetic restoration – every procedure in implantology harbours risks. Complications and failures can therefore never be ruled out. It is important to avoid failure. But if it does occur, it is helpful to change the perspective. Complications and failures can be an opportunity to learn. 

Academic Education in Oral Implantology

The DGI is cooperating with the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main to offer graduates of its continuing education courses an international postgraduate master of science program in the field of oral implantology.


Read high-quality peer-reviewed articles for free

The open access journal International Journal of Implant Dentistry published by DGI together with the Japanese society of Oral Implantology (JSOI) is available in PubMed, the text-based meta- database for scientific literature.


About us

Counting more than 8,500 members, the German Association of Oral ­Implantology e.V. (DGI) is Europe's  largest professional organization for dental implants.


Continuing Education

DGI's goal  is to set the gold standard in continuing education in  implantology. More than 5,000 practitioners have successfully completed DGI's courses, covering all aspects of modern implantology.


The e.Academy is DGI’s modular, multi-media e-learning program to assist the participants in DGI's continous educations programs.




The DGI offers many benefits to its members,ranging from education to special ressources for members.


DGI has initiated and published nine guidelines for dental implantology in cooperation with other organisations

International Journal

Together with its Japanese partner JSOI, the DGI publishes an international journal, the IJID

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