DGI's International Curricula

DGI is offering a curriculum in implant dentistry in collaboration with partners in several countries. Up to now more than 5000 dentists in Europe have been educated by the postgraduate training program of the DGI. This program is actually offered in Bahrain and Egypt.


Our Partners in Continuous Education

Our Curricula

Acknowledged Experts. The modules will be presented by a faculty of internationally acknowledged experts from clinics and private offices, who will familiarize the colleagues with ways of integrating implant dentistry into their own offices.


The Curriculum is independent of commercial interests. However, it is intended to provide a platform to present the current implant systems of the most important implant manufacturers.


135 Hours of Lectures. The Curriculum is scheduled for approximately one year and comprises eight two-day modules with a total of roughly 135 hours of lectures and hands-on work. The objective is to give participants an overview of the entire field of endosseous dental implant treatment.


Mix of Theory and Practice. Groups of 20 students are offered a mix of theory and practice, live surgery or video demonstrations and hands-on training during each of the weekend modules held on Fridays and Saturdays.


Final Examination. Participants who attended all modules qualify for the final examination according to the regulations of the DGI. In that examination they have to present 5 documented cases operated and rehabilitated prosthodontically (including preoperative, postoperative and final X-ray, baseline and final casts, and patient records, preferably in form of a Power point presentation). The cases are presented and discussed the oral examination. Students who successfully passed the examination are awarded the certificate in a festive ceremony.


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